About Music and I

I have started playing (learning) piano since 5 years old, and am still playing. I mainly play classical music, including ensembles such as piano-duo or so. Sometimes arranges favorite pieces into piano pieces, while I rarely compose any tunes.
I have neither learned professionally nor made a living by music. Though there is little time to practice and I cannot play well, I wonder why I want to continue music. I seem to love music.
Being thankful for being alive and having met wonderful music, I want to "express" in my own way. --- I want to think such, forever.

By the way, I like travelling and I have done "47 prefectures conquest". So, next I want to do "47 prefectures conquest by playing", over a long period of time. I have already played in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Gunma, Ibaraki, and Gifu, by January 2016. 42 prefectures are left... I want to try!!

Finally, I introduce simple items about music:
- My favorite player is Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950).
- My favorite piano work is ... difficult to answer ... it all depends on the mood ... "Barcarolle" by Chopin, if I must select one.
- My favorite band is The Beatles.
- My favorite pop song is "Message Song" by Pizzicato Five. I first saw it in the TV program "Minna no Uta" by NHK and shed tears. In order to express the loveliness of this song, I arranged it into piano-duo. :-)
- My precious affir about music is ... the experience of playing piano concerto, after all. Citizen's Orchestra, thank you for playing with such a poor player! The blissful moment when orchestra's colorful tones and piano's tones blend together is my precious treasure to me forever.

Chopin Ballade No.4
at Maebashi City.
"Message Song" piano-duo arrange
Thank you, Primo!!
Nikaidou CM "Town of the wind"
(1994 version)
--- My favorite CM!!
Nikaidou CM "I'll see you in my dream"
(2014 version)


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